The Underdark is a strange place, almost mythic in its nature. The home of such fell beasts as Beholders, Mind-Flayers, and stranger, shadowy foes, the existence of civilized races is often forgotten, or lumped together with the dangers that lurk there.

The Underdark is most notable for being the only part of the world at large not directly ruled over by the Hexagarchy.


Population: ?


Some legends suggest that the Underdark did not exist before the great cataclysm. Certainly, they acknowledge that there were caverns beneath the earth, but such legends say that the fall or departure of the gods warped some part of the world below ground, creating or awakening the forces that form the most dangerous parts of the Underdark.

The Hexagarchy showed no interest, on their appearance, to populate or rule the Underdark, only taking efforts to prevent it from intruding upon their lives.

The 2397 assault on Chailsayre changed that to a degree. The Hexagarchy still showed no interest in rulership, but began authorizing, and even encouraging, incursions into the Underdark by their subjects. After all, the creatures of the Underdark nearly destroyed one of the great capitals of the world; killing them and taking their stuff seems appropriate.

There is no formal war on the Underdark, but to the brave and stupid, there is wealth to be earned there, at great personal risk.

Only in the past 1,000 years has there been anything resembling peaceful contact between substantial portions of Underdark societies and the world at large. The gnomish chief Kullin Deepwarden brokered a trade deal with Talroc farmers in 4897, providing high-quality fungi in exchange for food and grain.

Since then, small, tentative interactions among individual settlements or groups of people have provided some connections between the people above ground and those below. But the raiding parties still continue, and the Hexagarchy continues to encourage those who view the Underdark as a dangerous, foul place.

Law and Society

There is no overarching law in the Underdark – it is a realm that spans the continents, and is home to many different races and people.


The children of dragons, kobolds are among the most common humanoid denizens of the Underdark. They are an intensely tribal and territorial society – hundreds of clans can be scattered throughout the Underdark. Despite the many differences between individual clans, most are guided by an elder – a sorcerer, cleric, or (rarely) warlock who claims a deeper connection to their draconic ancestors than the rest.

Kobolds are well-known for being raiders, which means they form a convenient target for raiding parties into the Underdark.


The Drow Elves of the Underdark live in enclaves of varying size. They are not native to the Underdark, but are the descendants of those driven underground when the Whispered One and his followers banished them from the Library of Turhaudh. They venerate the Spider Queen Lolth, the queen who protected them in their early days of wandering the Underdark.

Drow do not deal well with citizens of the Hexagarchy’s rule; as refugees from the expansion of the Hexagarchy into their own lands, they resent the incursions encouraged by the Hexagarchs.

They are somewhat sympathetic to those lost, banished, or abandoned into their realm, and it is not unusual to find a member of some other race dwelling within a Drow enclave. They have little love for the more martial or expansionist races of the Underdark.



Beholders are perhaps the most well-known of the dangers of the Underdark, given their assault on Chailsayre. Strangely, most beholders seem to be isolationists, lurking in caverns far away from any creature, even other beholders. As a result, some wonder what once united the beholders to attack Chailsayre

Mind Flayers

Notable People






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