Turhaudh, the City of the Dead, sits on the edge of the desolate lands that were once a gleaming kingdom of magic and wonder. With few people to govern and a wealth of ancient secrets at its door, the city is more like a library than a city. Indeed, reflecting the nature of the city, the Hexagarch in charge is known as the Archivist.


40% elf (35% drow, 4% high elf, 1% wood elf), 20% human, 15% dragonborn, 10% half-elf, 10% dwarf, 5% other


The first expedition of Hexagarchs from the Glass Plateau crossed the dead lands of the Blood Desert to find the remnants of an ancient elven city, a temple to one of the old gods of knowledge and magic. Using the materials of the shattered civilization around it, the Hexagarchy constructed the first of the pyramids beyond the Glass Plateau.

Unlike other nations, built around the populations inhabiting the surrounding terrain, Turhaudh had almost no natural population at its founding, only slowly attracting those who desired the knowledge held within.

Law and Society

The Archivist and attendant librarians of Turhaudh socialize much more with the people of Turhaudh than any other members of the Hexagarchy, followed by the Hexagarchs of Talroc.

The city is dominated by the library, which exists in a ring around the pyramid itself. In fact, almost all activity is in relation to the library – there is little trade or businesses operating here, only the maintenance and use of the library.

Turhaudh is among the most tightly-controlled cities among the five capitals. Not only do the Hexagarchs need to prevent unauthorized access to the pyramid, they must also protect the mundane and magical knowledge kept within. Almost all law is maintained and enforced by the Hexagarchs, and as a result, is swift and rarely compassionate.

Almost all law, however, is directed toward the theft, loss, and destruction of the books, scrolls, and artifacts stored within the library.

The population of Turhaudh is almost entirely academics. A number of organizations dedicated to lore, the study of magic, or other such pursuits, have their base here.


Like the Glass Plateau itself, Turhaudh is controlled directly by the Hexagarchy. There is little direct immigration control, but the Hexagarchy restricts access to the library. A select few organizations have secured access, and a set of elite scholars have, as well. In general, access is granted to those who demonstrate their ability to add to the library, or to the body of knowledge drawn from it.

Most law-enforcement efforts are geared toward controlling access and preventing loss of the knowledge in the library. Regardless, there are cells that have stolen books, copied knowledge, creating underground libraries outside of the boundaries of the library proper.

Notable People

The Archivist


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