Talroc is a sprawling nation that produces most of the highest-quality agricultural products of the world. Its capital is Svernik, a bustling trading city that is also the cultural hub of the world.


People and Society

Agriculture is the center of Talroc society. The communities scattered across the landscape are varied in race and culture, but are connected through their agricultural pursuits.

Talroc benefits from a substantial presence of the ruling Hexagarchs. Because of the space needed for agriculture, Talroc does not benefit from the central cities that protect the populace from wild beasts. As a result, bands of Hexagarchs travel Talroc to defend settlements from threats.

The people of Talroc hold slightly less awe for the Hexagarchs than other people, but also hold a more concrete respect for them. Long history of the Hexagarchs defending them has led the people of Talroc to more readily and immediately obey the Hexagarchs’ commands, for safety’s sake.

Geography and Climate

Talroc spans thousands of miles of land, and as such bears many differing climates. It is mostly devoid of substantial mountain ranges, and benefits from several interlocking river systems.

Cities and Other Locations

People and Power Groups


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