The Hexagarchy

The Hexagarchy are a council of mages who rule the world. Each member of the Hexagarchy, called Hexagarchs, or Archmages, are powerful mages in their own right. Together, they wield powers that rival or exceed that of the gods of old.

Hexagarchs uniformly wear robes of silver thread with a cowl colored to reflect which Pyramid is their home. Chailsayre Hexagarchs wear grey; Svernik Hexagarchs wear green; Gajushatap Hexagarchs wear red; Hexagarchs of the Armada wear blue; Turhaudh Hexagarchs wear black cowls with silver stars; and the Hexagarchs of the Glass Plateau wear gold.

History of the Hexagarchy

The Hexagarchy emerged from the Glass Plateau a little less than 6,000 years ago, sending expeditions to secure enough of the world to construct the pyramids that are their center of power. The origin of the organization is uncertain, although their location and valuation of the ruins at Turhaudh leads to some arguing they grew out of ancient circles of elvish mages.

They build six Pyramids as centers of their power across the world. Each Pyramid is approximately 500 feet tall, topped with an azure lantern that can be seen from miles away. In most cases, the light casts the landscape in the mildest of blue tints, but at times, the lanterns intensify to paint everything azure.

The Pyramids are mazelike structures filled with the books and devices necessary to the Hexagarchy’s work. It is well known that each Pyramid is connected to all the others through teleportation circles. It is presumed that each also possesses a powerful, magical forge which amplifies the Hexagarchs’ formiddable powers to godlike levels.


The Hexagarchy has a great interest in the nature of languages and numbers. They believe in the power of certain numbers, most notably the number 6.

Joining the Hexagarchy

Every member of the Hexagarchy is a powerful mage. There is no formal application or recruitment process, but the organization clearly does recruit, and so it is the dream of many fledgling spellcasters to one day be asked to join the circle that rules the world.


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