There are three primary races of elves living in the world: the Drow, the High Elves, and the Wood Elves


The word ‘Drow’ means both ‘dark’ and ‘hidden’ – it is the name given to the elves who were both steeped in shadow and secrets. The Drow are people who delved into the secrets of the universe, and people who built a temple to that knowledge.

Their people dwelt in the Library of Turhaudh throughout the Dark Ages, until the Hexagarchy came to them. The Hexagarchs asked to be allowed to dwell in the Library, to drink of its knowledge.

The Drow, the masters of secret knowledge, were divided. On one side, the Queen of Spiders, Lolth, and on the other, the Whispered One. The war was swift and brutal, but not one-sided, despite the intervention of the Hexagarchs on the side of the Whispered One. Defeated, but narrowly, Lolth was exiled from Turhaudh and led her people underground. The Whispered One welcomed the Hexagarchs, and some say was granted a place among their councils.

The Whispered One declared his people the “Istyar” Elves, master scholars. They became aloof masters of knowledge, perhaps the closest of all people to the Hexagarchs, as their unique perspective of the great Library provides knowledge to their masters.

The Drow of the Underdark are scattered, but united under the worship of Lolth, who helped them flourish in a strange world. Legend states she made a bargain with a creature of the deep, becoming something unworldly herself, and using that new power to shape her people into something of the dark. She is mistress of wisdom, of knowledge that saves lives and is forgotten until the moment it is needed. They are masters of weaving, their cloth made of spider-silk rather than plant fibers. They are masters of stealth, and masters of poison.

But they, like their brethren, are also masters of secrets. Every enclave of Underdark Drow possess a small library, perhaps a few scrolls, of knowledge stolen from Turlaudh when they were banished, secrets forgotten by all but them. The enclaves guard this knowledge jealously from other races, from the Istyar, and especially from the Hexagarchy. But just as Lolth binds their race together, so does this secret knowledge. When Drow enclaves meet, they will engage in the Sharing of Secrets, when the leaders of their community bring together the knowledge they possess, ensuring that their secrets will endure.

High Elves

Wood Elves


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