The Armada is the name given to the vast fleet surrounding the floating platform controlled by the Hexagarch The Admiral. The fleet travels throughout the Telamerys Sea, mostly remaining south of the Rhallor Archipelago.


40% human, 30% half-elf, 20% halfling, 10% other (any)


The Isle of Kon’yfar was the first home of the pyramid that now leads the Armada. In collaboration with the artisans of Chailsayre, the The Admiral developed their fabulous ships, which allowed them to travel among the island settlements that made up their domain.

Over the millennia, the Admirals pushed the envelope, developing more and more capable ships, until around YH 33103 (4575), the pyramid itself became mobile. Over the next thousand years, the population of Kon’yfar, no longer benefiting from the constant presence of the Admiral, began to migrate to the cities of Cheshire and the cities of the Rhallor Archipelago.

By YH 41244 (5500), Kon’yfar was all but deserted, and the Admiral had officially made the mobile Armada the center of their operations.


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