Kobolds are the last legacy of the ancient dragons, creatures last seen before the rise of the Hexagarchy. Where the dragonborn are the descendants of those who experimented to duplicate the grace and majesty of dragons, the kobolds are the children, or creations, of dragons.

Kobolds hold this heritage in high esteem, and as such, view most other races as inferior. They are a highly communal species, living in large colonies ruled by a priest or sorcerer – those with magic appeal to kobolds’ respect for their draconic heritage.

They are cunning and as such, dangerous, often filling their homes with traps and pitfalls.

Kobolds are, as a group, largely dedicated to their gods, despite the events of the Disjunction. They are split largely evenly between worship of Tiamat, a destructive deity, and Bahamut, a powerful protector.


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