Humility "Millie" Sweetblossom

Halfling Druid


Race: Halfling
Class: Druid
Age: 18 1/2
Background: Folk Hero

Stats (after racial modifiers):
STR: 11
CON: 14
WIS: 14
INT: 14
CHA: 8

Proficiencies: Nature, Perception, Animal Handling, Survival

Special Ability: Wild Shape

Circle Spells (Forest): Barkskin, Spider Climb
Cantrips: Druidcraft, Mending
Lvl 1 Spells: Goodberry, Create or Destroy Water, Cure Wounds, Speak With Animals
Lvl 2 Spells: Pass Without Trace, Lesser Restoration


Humility Sweetblossom is part of the Good Folk, a humble agrarian religious community. They are rather reclusive but they do export a fair quantity of jams, jellies, honeys, and well-crafted rustic furnishings. Their religion is focused on a reverence for nature and familial ties and strict gender roles. They occasionally send a few promising youths to train with a druidic circle that inhabits the forest bordering their territory, as these skills prove useful in strengthening crop yields and animal husbandry and although theirs isn’t the True Way the two belief systems are compatible enough they don’t worry about their children being corrupted. The Sweetblossom family keeps bees and makes the ceremonial mead used in the Folk’s religious services, as well as a lighter mead for festivals. Her father is fairly high in the patriarchal church hierarchy. Her mother is very skilled at baking and has passed her recipes and techniques down to all her daughters.

Millie’s family and community are of utmost importance to her, even though she is more comfortable among animals than people. As a middle child, she was often invisible, but she almost prefers it that way. Growing up she’d always complete her chores as quickly and skillfully as possible, partly out of a need to be useful, but mostly because the sooner she finished, the sooner she could scamper off and disappear up a tree with a snack and a book. She is painfully shy and lacks confidence. She reminds people of a chipmunk or other such woodland creature.

Despite her unremarkable appearance, she is gifted with a very powerful intuition and affinity for nature. She was always known for spouting off nature facts, but her family and neighbors sensed she had a special destiny the night she saved their largest orchard from a fire (she felt the trees screaming and raised the alarm), followed up by her early detection of a few blights that could have spelled big trouble if caught later. They sent her for druidic training to develop her talents for the good of the community.

By the time her elder brother joined her a few months later, she had already fallen under the influence of her new best friend with a rebellious streak and got up to some activities her parents would not approve of. The druids are expected to act in loco parentis but they’re not really all that equipped to deal with teenagers. Big brother tattled so her parents compelled her to return home and then, worse than all indignities, betrothed her to a nasty brute/fine upstanding member of the community to keep her in line and get her settled down with a household to focus on. Until she hits the age of 20 she has no say in who she marries and divorce is simply not done so she did what she thought she’d never do: Left her home and everyone she holds dear. The druids refused to sacrifice the goodwill they’d built up by harboring a runaway, but they did help her cover her tracks.

It is a tradition anyway to allow the most obedient and sensible young women to travel out in the world a bit with suitable protection so they can get it out of their system before they settle into their domestic duties. It’s believed to make them better mothers in fact. Sure, she was unlikely to get the required permission from her relatives and church elders but…. Anyway, once she comes of age, as soon as she tires of travelling she can go home again with all the knowledge she’s gained and the harvest will be better than ever!

Humility "Millie" Sweetblossom

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