History of the World

The Mythic Age

Little is known about the time before the rise of the Hexagarchy. The fact that adventurers have recovered items of fantastic value and craftsmanship from the ruins of ancient civilizations is a clear sign that the old world was fairly advanced in its understanding of magic, possibly surpassing the capabilities of the ordinary people of the world.

The most commonly known fact about the mythic age is that the people of the world offered praise and worship to gods – entities of unimaginable power who gave distant guidance to their worshipers. Most people of the modern world find this concept strange. It is very difficult to explain to them the concept of gods that differentiates them from the Hexagarchy. The Hexagarchs possess almost unlimited magical power and use some portion of it to protect their subjects.

In fact, it is difficult to explain gods to a modern person in such a way that they would not find them to be incomprehensibly selfish. As rulers of the world, the Hexagarchs are duty-bound to protect it, whether or not the people “believe” in them.

The Disjunction

Some 7,000 years ago, the world broke. What is certain is that the gods abandoned the world – whether they were destroyed, departed of their own volition, or were otherwise denied access to the reality, is unknown.

What is also uncertain is whether the subsequent calamities – storms, earthquakes, the rise of unstoppable beasts that shattered whole nations – were the result of the gods’ departure or some other force.

Regardless, the DIsjunction shattered civilization in the course of less than a century. What cities that were not immediately destroyed suffered attacks from bands of roving monsters, starvation, or simple political collapse. This violence is evident in the many ruins found throughout the world.

The Dark Ages

For close to 1,000 years, the world was a nightmare. The creatures that had aided in the destruction of the world continued to rampage unabated. Settlements were heavily defended or nomadic. Few records survive this period, as even successful settlements suffered many instances of near-destruction.

However, gems of history – legends of great heroes and leaders – carried forward from this time, as people passed on the stories of those who protected or saved them.

The Hexagarchy

A little more than 6,100 years ago, a millennium after the fall of civilization, a great pyramid rose from the Inland Sea. The First Hexagarchs stepped from the pyramid to pacify large swathes of land, enough to house the city-states that would become their capitals.

Over the course of the next century, the Hexagarchs ensured the security of their lands and began to employ the citizens of local settlements to construct walled cities and the vast pyramids in which they lived. At last, a little less than 6,000 years before the present day, the Hexagarchs set forth the Hexameric Declaration, establishing their primacy over all other people of the world.


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