Glass Plateau

The Glass Plateau is the home of the Grand Hexagarch, the most powerful member of the Hexagarchy. All but forbidden to those not of that class of archmage, it is a place of myth and mystery.

The Plateau dominates the Crystal Sea, a body of water that is all but uninhabitable, rumored to be made of liquid diamond. The Plateau rises a mile out of the water, holding only the Pyramid. The Pyramid sheds azure light for a dozen miles out from the Plateau, creating an eerie atmosphere for anyone approaching the Plateau.

No one, even the Hexagarchs, approaches the Plateau from the outside. They rely on the portals that link the Pyramids.


Population: ?


No ancient writings mention the Glass Plateau until the moment when the Hexagarchy first emerged to create their vast network of city-states. Since then, it has existed only as the home of the Hexagarchs, a destination for those who have achieved sufficient power to ascend to their ranks.

The Hexagarchs that dwell on the Plateau rarely leave it, and when they do so, it is for events of world-shaking significance. They emerged to sign the Hexameric Proclamation. they emerged to free Chailsayre.

People and Society


Notable People

The Grand Hexagarch – This master of the Hexagarchy is a figure of more than myth. The powers of the Hexagarchs are almost beyond imagining, so their leader is akin to what the gods of old must have been.

Glass Plateau

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